Athens, 28/07/2022 TIKUN Europe the largest pharmaceutical company in the medical cannabis industry in Europe, pioneer in the research, development and production of medicinal cannabis products worldwide, welcomed the first mother plants from Israel, for the purpose of starting the cultivation in the company’s facility at Korinthos. The transportation of the mother plants took place on Friday, July 22nd and was carried out by Skyserv Ground Handling Services at Athens International Airport, Eleftherios Venizelos, in the presence of company’s executives.

The shipment of the plants was made in specially designed containers under controlled environment ensuring the best possible conditions throughout the transportation from Israel to their final destination. The plants, after the clearance from the competent authorities, were immediately transferred to the company’s production unit at Korinthos, in order to initiate the transplantation process. The company aims in the immediate initiation of cultivation in the vertically integrated greenhouse unit, with an area of 21,000 mand an annual production capacity, reaching in full growth, the quantity of 10 tons of dry flower. The plants received will be used for propagation under strict protocols that will ensure the preservation of the unique characteristics of the mother plants to the future generations. The facility is expected to reach its full capacity levels gradually in the near future, to deliver a wide variety of finished medical cannabis dosage forms.

TIKUN Europe’s greenhouse and production units are designed to comply with the GACP / EU-GMP standards, which ensure high quality and safety complying with the national legislation for the cultivation and processing of medical cannabis. TIKUN Europe holds all the necessary licenses and certifications in order for its operation to be carried out with absolute responsibility and respect for the environment and the local community.

The Nikos Beis CEO ofTIKUN TIKUN OLAM Europe said: “We welcome the first mother plants to our facilities in Greece. Their arrival marks the beginning of production at the factory in Korinthos, which takes us one step closer to the realization of our commitment. Our factory, being the largest pharmaceutical facility in its industry in Europe, is committed to creating innovative, high-quality medical cannabis products. A new era is beginning for our country with the operation of our Tikun Europe facility, paving the way for Greece to become one of the main players in the field of production and export of medical cannabis products”.

The Dimitris GiannopoulosCOO & Vice President of the Board of TIKUN TIKUN OLAM Europe, stated: “After completing the construction of our production facility in Korinthos, today signifies another important milestone, that brings us one step closer to the beginning of cultivation of medical cannabis plants in the country. The main challenge and opportunity now become the development and production of a complete portfolio of high quality finished medical cannabis products to meet the needs of patients in Greece and in Europe”.

Martha Georgila, Commercial Director of Skyserv Ground Handling Services, stated: “We are very happy that TIKUN Europe trusted Skyserv to implement the first transport of mother plants in Greece. Following all transportation protocols for that type of merchandises, along with the specific storage conditions that were required during their stay at the airport area, we managed to keep them intact until their departure to the company’s factory in Korinthos”.

Regarding TIKUN

TIKUN is a pioneering company in the research, development, and production of medicinal cannabis products worldwide. Defining the market of medicinal cannabis in 2005, it began its activity in Israel and in the course of time expanded with production units in the USA, Canada, Australia, Asia (Israel) and Europe (based in Greece). With more than 15 years of clinical and laboratory studies and an extensive database of tens of thousands of patients worldwide, TIKUN’s innovative pharmaceutical formulations are based on cannabis strains that have been awarded worldwide. Its medications offer support for serious conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease, Crohn’s disease, Autism, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, side effects from chemotherapy, neuropathic pain, etc.

About TIKUN Europe

TIKUN Olam Europe’s presence in Europe began in Greece, taking advantage of the country’s potential to develop into an international center for the production of medicinal cannabis, with most of the production aimed for exportation to European countries.

With a total investment of €40m, in a 56,000m2 area in Corinth, TIKUN Europe has created the largest, for this sector, production unit in Europe, with a vertically integrated production process and an R&D department, in state-of-the-art facilities and with equipment of latest technology.

TIKUN Europe’s activity is fully aligned with the Greek legislation provisions for the cultivation and processing of cannabis, aiming at the creation of pharmaceutical formulations that will be produced in a EU-GMP environment and by applying strict control standards and procedures which ensure high quality and safety.

The company utilizes TIKUN’s know-how, while having direct access to its large patient database. TIKUN’s pharmaceutical formulations have effectiveness which has been verified following clinical studies and Real-World Data (RWD).

At the beginning of 2022, TIKUN Europe will launch its CBD product line, which is produced in a certified factory in France, based on innovative formulas developed by its R&D division. The TIKUN CBD series helps with the everyday life annoyances, while at the same time benefits the entire human body. In other words, it ensures homeostasis, providing holistic, natural balance.

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