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Research overview

Tikun Europe takes advantage of one of the most reputable and trusted brands among the medical cannabis industry, the Tikun Olam Israel. Tikun Europe has immediate access to a great track-record of clinical research, know-how and awards for its special production of strains.

Therefore the extensive patient treatment database of over 30.000 patients offers Tikun Europe the capability to develop and provide high quality medical cannabis products.

Tikun is dedicated to provide patients’ treatments, wellness, and overall quality of life. 


Our mission is to bring cure and alleviation providing evidence based medical cannabis treatment worldwide.

This is easily achieved by taking advantage of our extensive know-how, long-term experience and the wide  range of activities which include the following sections:


Cannabidiol-Rich Cannabis In Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder And Severe Behavioral Problems 

Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 2018

A retrospective study assessing the tolerability and efficacy of CBD-rich cannabis in children with ASD.


  • Considerable improvement was reported in behavior (61%), communication (47%), and anxiety (39%), after at least 3 months of cannabis treatment
  • 33% of children reduced their other medication doses and 24% stopped taking medications altogether

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