Production Unit

Tikun Olam Europe Facilities

Tikun Olam Europe facilities in Greece cover a total area of 56.000 m2 in Peloponnese region (Examilia, Korinth). The facility has three distinct units, the greenhouse cultivation area (16.000m2), the post-harvest processing area (1.000 m2), and the area designated for the production and packaging of finished medical cannabis products (1.500 m2). The greenhouses cover a total gross area of 21.000 m2 and include the necessary separate compartments for the various stages of plant development.

The facility also has special storage areas for raw materials and finished products, a quality control laboratory, ancillary buildings, and administration building.

The entire area of the facility is under continuous guarding, while all the necessary measures have been taken to protect the company against natural disasters, digital hazards, theft and intrusion with the aim to ensure the safety of workers and the smooth operation of the unit.

Greenhouse Cultivation Unit

The greenhouse cultivation unit of Tikun Olam Europe in Greece has a total gross area of 21.000m2. The unit includes the mother plant area, the cloning area for the development of clones from the mother plants and the main transplantation and flowering area of the young plants.

The unit is designed with the highest standards to ensure optimal growth conditions and stability of plants and to provide the maximum cultivation area. It also includes special heating and irrigation installations.

The greenhouse area is directly connected to the post-harvest processing unit, assuring compliance to the Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP).

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Post-harvest Processing Unit

After harvesting, the plants are transferred to the Post-harvest Processing unit, where the processes of flower sorting, drying and trimming are performed. Afterwards primary packaging of the dry flower is carried out and the material is forwarded for storage.
Each stage of the post-harvest processing is performed in specially designed areas, using properly selected and validated equipment that assures the product quality.

All the post-harvest procedures are in full compliance with the EU Good Cultivation and Collection Practices (GACPs) and the EU Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

Dry Flower Production and Packaging Unit

Tincture Oil Production and Packaging Unit

The dry flower is used as a raw material in the production unit for the preparation of finished medical cannabis products. The unit has adequate areas and equipment to produce cannabis oils through the process of botanical extraction. The extract is then used for the preparation of finished medical cannabis products in oral dosage forms.

The facility is fully compliant to the current specifications of a pharmaceutical production unit. It includes classified areas, according to the EU Good Manufacturing Practices and international standards (ISO 14644 - Class D).

The production and packaging units operate according to EU GMP standards and include highly efficient production / packaging lines of the latest technology, for various pharmaceutical forms.
The main building also includes storage areas for raw and packaging materials, finished products and consumables. In close proximity, there are ancillary facilities to support the production operations (purified water production system, boilers, steam generators, air compressors, etc).

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

With the aim to create high quality products and having patient safety as the top priority, Tikun Olam Europe has created a total Quality Management system that assures product quality. All operations related to cultivation, production, packaging, quality control and supply chain are performed according to strict protocols and procedures to ensure that the final product is in full compliance with its approved specifications and suitable for its intended use.

Every stage of the process - from the cultivation to the shipment of the final product - is carried out under the supervision of the Quality Assurance & Quality Control Department of the Company, ensuring compliance with GMP / GACP and ISO 9001: 2015 requirements and the Safety, Efficiency and Quality of the product.
The plant also complies to ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001: 2018 for Environmental Management Systems and Occupational Health and Safety respectively

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