Originators in Israel

The beginning in Israel

2002 Israel: Tzahi Cohen, a pioneer ahead of his time, decides to start growing cannabis, with the aim of offering its therapeutic properties free of charge, to specific groups of patients: cancer patients, people addicted to opiate drugs and war veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

A team of volunteers, including his mother, established a therapeutic support community which grew to become a great idea that would mark a new era in the medicinal cannabis industry.

Three years later, in 2005, Tikun Olam [tee KOON oh LAHM], whose Hebrew name means "Repair the World", was born as a charitable organization with the mission to "Repair the World" with innovative medicinal cannabis products. The Israel Ministry of Health granted the world’s first governmental license to Tikun Olam to produce medical cannabis products.

Tikun Olam [tee KOON oh LAHM] whose Hebrew name means "Repair the World" was created in 2005, as a charitable organization with the mission to "Repair the World" with innovative medicinal cannabis products.

Today, Tikun Olam is a global leader in the pharmaceutical cannabis industry, with international distinctions.

Tikun - The Company

TIKUN is a pioneering company in the research, development, and production of medicinal cannabis products worldwide. Defining the market of medicinal cannabis, in 2005 it began its activity in Israel and in the course of time expanded its activities with production units in the USA, Canada, Australia, Asia (Israel) and Europe (based in Greece). With more than 15 years of clinical and laboratory studies and an extensive database of tens of thousands of patients worldwide, TIKUN's innovative pharmaceutical formulations are based on exclusive cannabis strains which are protected by international intellectual property rights. Its medications offer support against serious conditions, such as side effects from chemotherapy, neuropathic pain and chronic pain, spasticity in multiple sclerosis, cachexia, and epileptic seizures.

Tikun Olam Europe

TIKUN's presence in Europe begins in Greece, taking advantage of the country's potential to develop into an international center for the production of medicinal cannabis, with most of the production targeting export to European countries.

With a total investment of €40m, in a 56,000m2 area in Corinth, TIKUN Europe has created the largest, in this sector, production unit in Europe, with a vertically integrated production process and an R&D department, accommodated in state-of-the-art facilities with cutting-edge equipment.
TIKUN Europe’s activity is fully aligned with the Greek legislation provisions for the cultivation and processing of medical cannabis, aiming to create pharmaceutical formulations that will be produced in a GMP environment by applying strict control standards and procedures which ensure high quality and safety.

The company utilizes TIKUN’s know-how, while having direct access to its large patient database. The effectiveness of TIKUN's pharmaceutical formulations has been verified by clinical studies and through Real-World Data (RWD).
Since the beginning of 2022, TIKUN Europe launches its CBD product line, which is produced in a certified production facility in France, based on innovative formulas developed by Tikun’s R&D division. The TIKUN CBD series helps with the everyday life annoyances, while at the same time benefits the entire body. In other words, it ensures homeostasis, providing holistic, natural balance.

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Tikun Olam Europe: At a Glance

We are the first company in the world to pave the way for the introduction of medical cannabis in the treatment of patients. The name Tikun Olam, in line with the "Repair The World" philosophy, inspires us to continue our work in the research and development of medical cannabis formulations that will improve the quality of life of the thousands of patients that rely on us.

The founding of Tikun Olam Europe is an important milestone in the history of the Tikun family. Staying true to the vision of Tikun, our company responds to the growing needs of the European market both in terms of therapeutic applications with medical cannabis as well as in promoting holistic, natural balance through the integrated Tikun CBD product proposal.

Get to know ΤIKUN Olam Europe, at a glance:

  • It was established in Greece in 2018 with the aim of serving 31 countries in the EU
  • It is a member of the Tikun family, an organization at the forefront of cannabis treatment research with over 15 years of strong ties with major key opinion leaders of the medical cannabis industry
  • It holds over 15 years of growing R&D experience from operating facilities in 4 continents through Tikun Olam know-how. This fact is the solid ground for the development of new formulations targeting the European market in various pharmaceutical dosage forms
  • It has access to Tikun's Olam expertise and one of the world's largest databases of patients treated with medical cannabis formulations 
  • It holds specialized knowledge and long-term experience both in the training of doctors and pharmacists as well as in the clinical treatment of patients
  • Its team consists of a diversified pool of skilled cannabis-specialized growers as well as highly qualified pharma executives.
  • It shares the reliability of the Tikun brand name, the company that put on the map medical cannabis and a pioneer of the medical cannabis industry globally. 
  • It develops and markets an innovative and reliable range of CBD products.