Respect to the Environment

The Company plans the design and implementation of targeted Corporate Social Responsibility programs to further support the local community, through actions that will meet the needs of its residents.

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Energy Footprint

Tikun Olam Europe is about to install at its facility in Examilia, Corinth, a solar power plant with a total capacity of 1.21 MWp, within the framework of the Net Metering program (Self-Generation with Energy Netting).

The Net Metering method is an energy offset of the energy produced by the solar station with the energy consumed in the facility.

This technology allows the industrial consumer to cover a significant part or even all his own consumption, while also enabling him to use the network for indirect storage of the electricity produced. The energy offset scheme creates a safety net against price volatility in the electricity market.

The study will be performed with high design standards and the construction of the project will be carried out in accordance with the international standard for the construction of solar stations, EN 62446.

Assurance of the environmental sustainability should be at the core of a long-term and responsible business strategy for industrial businesses.

With the implementation of its solar power plant, Tikun Europe drastically reduces its energy footprint, preventing the release of 1,500 tons of carbon dioxide every year. In this way it helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the environmental burden of burning fossil fuels.

The implementation of the solar power plant is a milestone and signals the practical interest of the company, both for energy savings and for the protection of the environment.