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Tikun Europe is based in Greece. The head office is located in Athens, and the facility in Korinthos.

The particular location offers the advantage of easy and fast access to the Athens International Airport and the ports of Patras and Piraeus, constituting the tipping point of connection among West Europe, Greece and Middle East.

The plant of Tikun is a state-of-the-art building. All processes from cultivation to post-harvest activities and packaging, are implemented with efficient and ecological sound methods. The greenhouse relies on technology to control the light and temperature in order to reduce waste of energy and maximize efficiency while assuring product quality and safety.

Construction is estimated to be completed in late 2021.

A 21,000m2 greenhouse cultivation area has been designed to provide efficient conditions for medical cannabis plants growing using state of the art systems and automations.
The greenhouses will be fully compliant to EU GACP standards, assuring the highest quality of the cultivated plants.

Made by Nature. Backed by Science.